Bringing Freshwater Dwarf Pea Puffers To The Australian Aquarium Industry

Puffer Shield - Parasite Treatment

Designed specifically for the health of your freshwater dwarf pea puffer. 

Like all fish, Dwarf Pea Puffers can be prone to worms and other nasty parasites that can cause extreme irritation to the skin, gills and eyes, cause ulcers, and even be deadly to your Puffer Fish. 

All Pea Puffers at the farm are treated with Puffer Shield. Since Pea Puffers eat a diet of live foods, harmful parasites can easily be introduced into your aquarium and infect your fish. 

Once added to your aquarium, Puffer Shield is absorbed through the stomach and skin and affect the neurotransmitters of the parasites and causes spastic paralysis. The Pea Puffer then passes the inactive parasites.


It is recommended that you treat your tank once, then 24 hours later, conduct a 30% water change and gravel vacuum to remove all traces of worms and parasites that have fallen into your gravel. Wait one week, then Treat your tank again a second time, and repeat water change and gravel vacuum process.

Dose is 50ml per 100 litre tank

Manufactured in Australia